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Sun, 05/31/2020 

Becoming a Member
I don't live in the United Sates or Canada. Can I still become a member?
Why is my email address required? What are you going to do with it?
What is the "Username" you are asking for on the enrollment form?
None of the market segments are appropriate for my business. What should I do?
What's the deal with the Timezone and Daylight Savings Time values?
I was able to sign up, but I never received my account password.
Login Problems
I can't remember my login username or password. How do I obtain them?
How do I login to the Where2Go Exchange?
Why has my account been disabled?
How does the "Save My Login" feature work?
This feature allows you to save your Where2Go Exchange username and password to your computer so you don't have to enter it each time you login. The information is saved using by writing a tiny file to your computer's hard disk called a "cookie". This file is harmless and will not negatively impact your computer in any way. If you ever wish to remove it from your system, simply clear the "Save My Login" checkbox before logging into the system.

USE CAUTION WHEN ENABLING THE "SAVE MY LOGIN" FEATURE! Anyone with access to your computer will be able to gain full access to your Where2Go Exchange account. Thus, it is not recommended that you use this feature on public or shared computers, such as those at internet cafes or libraries.