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Tue, 02/18/2020 

Becoming a Member
I don't live in the United Sates or Canada. Can I still become a member?
Why is my email address required? What are you going to do with it?
What is the "Username" you are asking for on the enrollment form?
None of the market segments are appropriate for my business. What should I do?
Because your account's market segment determines what type of postings you receive and conversely what type of merchants receive your postings, it is important that you select the appropriate segment at enrollment. If you are unable to find an appropriate one, it is likely that we have not rolled out to your segment yet.

As the demand for the Where2Go Exchange grows, we are constantly expanding to new market areas. If you would like to see the market segment for your business available in the Exchange, please send us your requests.
What's the deal with the Timezone and Daylight Savings Time values?
I was able to sign up, but I never received my account password.
Login Problems
I can't remember my login username or password. How do I obtain them?
How do I login to the Where2Go Exchange?
Why has my account been disabled?
How does the "Save My Login" feature work?